Voice Disorder

Voice disorders are medical conditions involving abnormal pitch, loudness or quality of the sound produced by the voice box or the larynx and thereby affecting speech production. Professional voice users such as teachers, lawyers, singers ,etc are more likely to have voice disorders.
Voice therapy is like physical therapy for your voice.  Just like athletes work with trainers and physical therapists after an injury, people with vocal issues benefit from working with a speech pathologist.

There are different disorders which can affect the voice.Hence a detailed assessment is done and it generally involves the following:

  • Detailed Case history
  • Life style assessment
  • Information on usage of voice personally and professionally
  • Oral motor examination
  • Computerized assessment(if required)

How can you improve your Voice?

  • Don’t abuse or misuse your voice
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t yell or scream
  • Don’t overlook any voice related issues
  • Consult your Speech therapist at the earliest.